Monday, May 10, 2010

I wanna go fast!

Rachel here. Yesterday was Mother's Day. Emma Grace's first and Reese's third. I had a really lovely day beginning with these adorable gifts from my nuggets. I HEART Willow Tree figurines, and these were perfect. :)
Once we got all gussied up in our Sunday's best, my brood took me out to a super yummy lunch. I had my FAVORITE sandwich, and then we were out and about for the day. We headed to Roanoke to see what we could get ourselves in to. Our family fun days tend to turn in to "what will keep Reese intrigued for more than 5 minutes?" kind of outings. Because she peed on the slide at Chuck-E-Cheese last time we were in Roanoke, we opted for something a little different, so we headed to Thunder Valley. There was a SMALL arcade inside, go-carts, and putt-putt. We played as much as humanly possible in the arcade (approximately 5 minutes before we all wanted to leave), we voted "no" on the putt-putt because it was super windy outside, so the only thing left was go-carts. I loathe go-carts. LOATHE. I also don't enjoy the thought of putting my children in them. BUT Reese was tall enough, and Bryan promised he would stay on the outer edge and take his time. :-/ Here is what resulted:

I'm not gonna lie... Reese had the time of her life. She cried when she got off, so we let her go again... I think we may have a speed demon on our hands.

Next year... I vote shopping. :)