Monday, May 3, 2010

May resolutions

Rachel here. It's that time of month again... and this time I'm actually pretty proud of myself!

For the house: The plan was to begin renovation on the breakfast nook and kitchen. I'm proud to report the entire area has been primed and painted! I've been able to get one coat on one wall during the girls' naptime and then a second once they are in bed for the night. Needless to say that took me 2 weeks! :) The color looks great though, and I couldn't be happier. Today I begin painting the sides of some of the cabinets as they look kind of rough. Then I'll move onto repainting the molding at the bottom. We purchased new light fixtures, new window treatments, ceiling paint, and a new faucet. Once we get our hands on a new box of the flooring, we'll be in business. :) SUCCESS

For my girls/family: Get outside AT LEAST once a day. Minus rainy days... SUCCESS! It's been fun, but it's also been awful. Both girls have allergies, so at times it was against my better interest to get them outside, but I did it anyway. :)

For myself: Get out of town. SUCCESS, and it was a blast and a half! In fact I'm vowing right here and now to do something for myself... once a month. At least it's something right? :)

For the house: Finish up the nook/kitchen and move onto the dining room. Here we have to repaint everything and re-stain the furniture... black... so modern. :) I've got a couple of big events coming up in the early part of June, and the downstairs MUST be ready. Assuming those items get finished in an orderly fashion, the living room will be getting a fresh coat of paint as well. :)

For the girls/family: Now that art class is over and Reese is vetoing music class, I'd like to start planning a fun activity everyday to do with her and EG. Last month we went on nature walks and make pine cone bird feeders (and when I say "we" I meant I made the feeder while Reese blew bubbles!), and it was a blast. I'm much better at getting out and being adventurous if it's planned.

For myself: I'm rededicating myself to getting healthy/happy. After my trip to California, I was inspired by my high school girlfriends to branch out. One of my friends in particular has made such a change in her life, and she's truly an inspiration. Because of her, I've joined Weight Watchers. Blah blah blah... I know. I am in no sense of the imagine overweight, but I am VERY unhealthy, and I'm afraid Reese is starting to pick up on it. My goal in joining was to learn portion control and that there are other things to eat besides burgers, fries, and pizza. :) In California we ate some super yummy food... and I'm proud to report I have not had a burger since! In fact just the other day I had a yummy portabella mushroom burger... SCRUMPTIOUS! Anywhoodle... I've been on for 3 weeks now (as of this coming Wednesday), and as of last Wednesday, I lost 7lbs. Go on ahead me! I may just fit in those super cute little Mossimo capris yet! (Bryan has joined in on my efforts to set a good example for our babies... his goal... 30 lbs by January... he's doing great!)