Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sippy cup warrior

Rachel here. Reese didn't drink for days when we switched her to sippy cups. I tried to wean her... exchanging a bottle for a sippy cup for weeks. She just wouldn't drink until she knew she was getting a feeding from a bottle. FRUSTRATION set it. Bryan and I then decided we would just wait until she turned one to switch her to whole milk, and then we would do the sippy cup all in one shebang. With Emma Grace it's been a little different approach. I only introduced her to the sippy cup a handful of times hoping she was some sort of prodigy who would swipe it up and start chugging just to make my life easier. Not the case. So before frustration set in, Bryan and I again decided we would just do cold turkey for her as well once we were out of her drop-ins for her bottles. We technically don't run out of those until this weekend, but I'm traveling to Tidewater with my nugget for the big Rapier baby shower... no good when it comes to life changes and roadtrips. The day before yesterday we decided to go ahead and cold turkey our wee one.
This is how the first cup went. It was a good time.

By the third one, I had brought her to the other side. And by the 4th we were an old pro. There is one thing she can't manage to grasp though, and that's sitting up while drinking the damn thing. Bryan thinks it has something to do with the fact she was breastfed (which is usually what we blame everything on... hehe. He thinks it has to do with the fact she didn't have nearly as much practice holding a bottle as Reese did... blah blah blah... MAYBE he has a point. Then again, maybe not.)

We've been smooth sailing ever since. :) For the record, I believe it took Reese 2-3 days before she decided the sippy cup was worth taking ONE SINGLE SIP FROM. Why must she be so much like her mama? ;)