Monday, May 3, 2010

VT vs. BC

We were blessed enough to have BEAUTIFUL weather this past weekend. While they did call for rain both days, somehow our outside activities managed to work themselves around the pending weather. Sunday we went to the VT vs. BC baseball game. It was nice and warm but rather windy, so we didn't stay too terribly long. Daddy and I played catch. When we went to Sesame Place last summer, Mommy and Daddy bought me my very own SS ball and glove... that was before it was entirely confirmed I would be a lefty. FAIL. But I make it work no matter how awkward I may appear to outsiders. :)
Daddy and I got a foul ball! Now technically you're supposed to return all foul balls for a soda, but we thought the ball was WAY cooler... shhhhhh.

We also had Rita's Italian ice. Emma Grace even got in on this one. Both of our mouths were bright orange afterwards. We LOVE warm weather! Hopefully it stays like this!