Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa Fe Express

Dear Nana and Pop,
Thank you so much for the AWESOME train set. Yes, we realize you gave it to us about a year ago now, but we FINALLY found the time and energy to seek out a battery. We stumbled upon a shop yesterday while out and about, and Daddy was sure to hit up said venue today after work and came home with the battery in hand. We heart it, and we heart you. :)

Reese & Emma Grace


Heather said...

oh my, that train is awesome!! Mason would adore that. Do you know where they got it from by any chance?

Andria said...

Hi Rachel! I have a question.....ok this will sound odd, but where did you get your wooden nativity set? I know you are thinking, All right, Psycho, we haven't even posted a picture of it yet this year...which means I actually remember it from last year....but let me defend myself. We have the same one, which is why, in the dark recesses of my brain, I remembered that I had seen it on someone else's blog and was sure it was yours. An old friend just called from VA asking me where I got mine, because she'd like the same one for her kids. But I can't remember where I ordered it from! I think maybe it was Smart Beginnings? Anyway, you seem to have your life together, so if you remember where you got yours....could you post a comment on your blog letting me know? And I will pass it on to my friend. Thanks a million!!!!!

Rachel said...

ha! if anything i stalk you. :) we got ours from one step ahead and love love love it!!!!!!