Monday, May 23, 2011

23 months

Awe my little nuggie! Rachel here... can you even believe Emma Grace is going to be 2 in less than a month?! We're knee deep in party planning over here... its crazy. We're doing a rainbow theme, so things are starting to get VERY colorful around here. I tend to take on too much for these little shindigs, but it's so worth it in the end... even if she won't remember it. :)Emma Grace continues to talk up a storm. I understand everything that comes out of her mouth... THANK GOODNESS... it makes for easier days around here knowing what she wants. She's speaking in full sentences a good chunk of the time. Some favorites that comes out of her mouth... "You, sit down, right now." " this!" "I love you too!" Swoon. We're continuing to work on her colors... and she continues to call everything yellow or green if you ask her what color something is. I caught her yesterday though playing with her wooden rainbow (more on that later); she had the purple piece in her hand along with her purple tube WHISPERING "purple"... little stink. She can sing her entire ABC song (with some interesting l, m, n, o, p action). Once Reese is out of preschool, I found some great alphabet plans that the girls and I will be working on, so Emma Grace will hopefully pick up on recognizing the abc's, shapes, and colors. She's very independent like her sister, and has managed to figure out how Reese gets what she wants on her own and does it. She's growing up much faster than Reese, but to see them learning from one another is amazing.One thing we are battling with is Emma Grace always wanting to be naked. Not a big deal around here by any stretch of the imagination... in fact... it's gotten me starting to potty train her a little earlier than I planned with the naked method. HOWEVER it is a big problem when she does it at night... she takes off her jammies, her underpants, and her diaper. If we don't catch it in time, she ends up peeing all over her bed and everything in it. I know it's a just a phase, and we stay on top of it as much as we can, but it can be very trying and messy. God love her. :) Here's to being 1 and 11 months!