Sunday, May 15, 2011


Rachel here. I know for a fact I've already written and posted this bad boy, but alas it's missing... Hmmmm... Blogger has been up to some fishy shenanigans. ANYWAY... last week was bug week. I had tons of activities planned, but the girls kept busy with tons of other things besides what I had out for them. C'est la vie...

Reese is VERY in to quiet activities that she can work on by herself. Here are a few activities I printed off of Kidsparkz for her. She can be quite the little worker bee.
Emma Grace started this activity off by doing it for real. Matching the right colors together. Don't get too terribly excited though... it went downhill as soon as I put the camera on her. She's sweet like that. ;) Magnet bug puzzle.
Bug word puzzles from Kidsparkz.

Shape practice... creating a butterfly.

Ordering butterflies from small to large... Kidsparkz.

For Reese's Teacher Appreciation gifts, she used her finger prints to make little bugs... and a random fish... from her classroom... that she makes me say hi to every day. :)

Lacing bug patterns with pipe cleaners and beads.

Emma Grace's little hands aren't quite up to Reese's ability... obviously. She desperately wanted to bead, so I got out her letters, and she laced those.EG also pretended to master the color yellow. She's still telling me everything is yellow when I ask her, but she tells me what it is actually on her own accord. Yesterday I asked her what shape something was; she looked at me, smiled, and said "yeyow." She's going to be trouble.

New transferring activity I got from The Dollar Tree. I planned on using it this summer, but it had that new car smell, so I gave in. :)

Reese playing with her Alphabet Sensory Bin. She loved it but was way more intrigued with the tongs and lifting the items up instead of sorting them.

Here is Little Miss Independent... emptying her dishes from the dishwasher. :)She's growing up... and she reminds me of it everyday. :)