Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A budget... le sigh...

Rachel here. Etsy rears it's ugly head again. :) So my new favorite Etsy shop is Time for Tots. (<- visit it... it's really cute!) Their learning kits are ADORABLE! $30 is a little high for me to pay though for materials I have a lot of already. I did go ahead and "order" the Kit of the Month portion because they are adorable. We'll get a new learning kit every month that represents the season/holidays in that month. I'm really excited because I know the girls will love them. I'm going to attack as many of them as I can by myself and then order the ones I'm really in love with. Honestly it's a matter of finding the materials on Oriental Trading from what I can tell. The issue is... with O.T. you have to order a dozen of everything... ANNOYING... but I do have spare materials in case any of my friends are interested. :) My first project was this Number Themed Sensory Tub.
Reese and I dyed the rice this evening, I printed the numbers chart and the "I Spy" list, the container and magnetic numbers were picked up from The Dollar Tree, and the rest of it I already had... you're looking at a whopping $2 spent on stuff we didn't already own. TFT was charging $15+$5 s&h... DEAL!
And it all fits nicely in my box. :)The next plan of attack...The dinosaur kit! I've gotten so much of it done tonight already! :)