Sunday, May 15, 2011

A little of this... a little of that...

Mommy gave us the week off. We flew by the seat of our pants, and I won't lie... it was pretty fun. :) Mommy first made us over sized lacing beads from pool noodles. She saw these flower beads on Activity Mom and thought they were adorable. We walked into the dollar store the other day, and VOILA... pool noodles. Pool noodle + bread knife = over sized flower lacing beads. HOLLER.
Once Emma Grace got over her initial excitement...
... we used the new shapes as stamps for painting flower gardens. We'll try lacing later. ;)

Our new kit from Time for Tots came. To be perfectly honest... their ideas are fantastic... but the actual product was mediocre at best. Just not worth the money. We'll continue our subscription, and definitely continue to steal their ideas... Mommy knows she can handle creating these herself... with things we have on hand... for realsies.

Emma Grace played with glass beads. Sorted them by color... we also sorted some new 3D shapes Mommy got by both color and shape.I had my very first book fair Thursday and Friday. We meandered on in there bright and early Friday morning in hopes of finding something useful. We found 4 somethings useful. :) 4 great make and do art/science books... so exciting. I told Mommy I wanted to do a special project just this morning from my new book. She handed me one, and I picked this "cowgirl" made from a cardboard tube. We had all the materials on hand... FREE. Cute right? Summer is going to be so much fun!

Mommy and Daddy concocted this Alphabet sorting game when I started to show an inkling of naughtiness. Alphabet book, magnetic letter, Little People animals.

Daddy caught a ginormous beetle and placed him in captivity for me to observe. He was awesome.

I turned my freshly cleaned water table into a witch's cauldron. Much to Mommy's chagrin. ;) Not really... she's certain now though that I must own a mortar and pestal to make my concoctions.

With all that dirt... why not get a fancy bath. And by fancy bath, we mean water dyed red, bubbles flying, and washing our bath toys with shaving cream... it's the little things.

Our laid back week ended with my special Daddy time. I earned 15 extra minutes of awake time today to spend with Daddy. He wanted to do my princess puzzle with me. It was priceless. :)We also spent a BEAUTIFUL day at the playground, and took an impromptu trip to The Safari Park... more on those adventures later. Here's a happy week ahead to all! :)