Monday, June 25, 2012

Iowa bound

Rachel here.  Last weekend we ventured up to Ohio for Bryan's cousin Nancy's wedding.  The girls had a blast, and the cake was pretty flipping yummy as well. :)

 Because we were practically half way there, we thought it'd be nice to turn this into our annual Iowa trip.  The wedding was in Cleveland, which caused us to go a different way into town... through South Bend.  I'd never been to Notre Dame, so we thought this was a great place to stop for lunch and be a little touristy at the same time.

 After visiting Touchdown Jesus, we stopped in Le Claire, Iowa to visit Antique Archeology.... made famous by the American Pickers.  It was really neat!

While each of these visits was A BLAST, one event would prove to make me regret stopping at all.  More on that to come when I can muster up the words to share.


Andria said...

This is a cliffhanger! What happened???