Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Operation limbo...

Rachel here.  Oy.  I want to start by saying how blessed I feel to have 3 healthy children, a wonderful husband, and a roof over my head.  I am thankful... I swear... but I'm currently having issues.  ISSUES!  Yep... a whoa is me post, and it will be bulleted. :)

Things that are currently ruining my bliss:
- Reese is out of preschool for the summer.  Sick I know.  I wish so desperately she was in preschool right now, so the house was just a little bit quieter.  In general, she's getting used to our current situation and it's madness, and her attitude has improved.  But she still isn't nearly as pleasant as she was.  Still picking on her sister... in fact yesterday she bit her.  Awesome.  We're working on it... daily... every waking moment of every day in fact.  We'll get there. 

- Our living situation.  We're currently in an adorable little house, with GREAT landlords, in a really sweet neighborhood with AMAZING neighbors.  So, what's the problem?  It's not ours.  Stuff is everywhere still, and I feel horrible about it.  I get nervous when the girls spill something on the floor or bang something close to the walls.  I just want something that is ours that I won't feel like a nervous wreck living in.  We can't break ground quickly enough.

- My weight.  With both Reese and Emma Grace, I bounced back pretty quickly.  I'm a 30 lb gainer while pregnant, and it's always been easy to get back to previous habits and not have to worry about fitting into my clothing.  Here I am 6 wks later... still holding my breath while attempting to fit into my jeans.  I'm older, 3rd pregnancy, but most importantly... I'm unmotivated.  I'm just trying to stay afloat with these three little ladies, creating a temporary home, and keeping everyone entertained long enough to brush my teeth.  Losing this last 15 lbs is proving to be difficult to say the least.  The easiest way for me to lose weight is through my diet, so I'll be jumping on the Weight Watcher's wagon once again.  I LOVE WW.  I don't have to change my diet... just my portion sizes, and I don't have to find time to exercise everyday.  I've had a lot of success using it and can't wait to get started... after vacation. ;)

I know I have to make the effort to change each of these things, and I'm more than ready.  Operation limbo... BEGIN!


Andria said...

I can't believe how well you are doing, with selling one house, having a baby, moving into a rental, and working on the new place. I'd be scaling the walls by this point. Dave would have to talk me down from the chandelier every night. (OK, we don't even have a chandelier.)

Aside from the fact that you are 1,000 times more superwoman than I am right now...I feel ya on this post! Child behavior... we're there too. Soren's had, shall we say, an "edge" to him ever since the new baby came along.

And the 3rd-baby weight... ugh! I am right there with ya. It doesn't exactly just peel away, does it? After weeks of having to wear Spanx UNDER my jeans just to get them to zip up -- who even does that?!? -- I can finally just get jeans on, but the look is not inspiring. I had never considered Weight Watchers. I might be giving it a try too! Like you, I have zero desire/free time to exercise. Exercise is for pampered sissies without 3 kids! Ha ha ha (sob).

I think you are kicking ass and taking names right now. You're doing all the important stuff. The weight, perfectly behaved children, etc. will follow. You're awesome!!!

(p.s. I feel really embarrassed when I think about your family etc. ever reading my comments, but I get fired up, dangit.)