Saturday, June 9, 2012

School's out for summer...

Today was my last day of preschool.  Of course I'll be back in the fall, but it was my last day nonetheless for the year.  Each year we have an end of the year picnic, and it was an absolute blast.  It's really nice to visit with all of my friends and their families one last time before summer officially begins.

Emma Grace has become an unofficial member of the Montessori family, which will make for an easy transition for her in the fall.  She'll do great!
 The BABY sister worked her charm to impress the other fellow babies of the group... no one can deny her cuteness in those baby leg warmers.
 Oh yeah... I WAS THERE TOO! :)  Here is a photo of me from the first day of school... and then the last day. 
 And then the last day of school last year and then again this year.
 While we're very excited for it to be summertime, we can't help but love these two ladies like crazy and will be anxious to get back to them in the fall. :)