Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big Red

We stopped in to visit with my broham S.C. Emma Grace loved the joker from afar, but as Mommy got closer all hell (I realize I'm only 3... rest assured such filth doesn't actually come out of my mouth... gasp!) broke loose.
Luckily Mommy came and snagged Emma Grace, so that I could get down to business and discuss my desire for a remote control car. I requested a boat for the bathtub for the little sister.

SIDENOTE: Rachel here. On the way home, Reese screamed out of nowhere... "OH NO!" "Reese what's wrong?" "I FORGOT TO ASK SANTA FOR A PINK SPRINKLY BUNNY... TURN AROUND... GO BACK!" She also proceeded to scold the sun for getting in her eyes. "NO SUN! YOU GO TO TIMEOUT! YOU WILL NOT GET A REMOTE CONTROL CAR! YOU ARE A BAD FRIEND!" :)
We also helped ourselves to the holiday train. Yes, Emma Grace cried at the beginning of the train ride as well. She has issues with leaving Mommy's hip... still.