Wednesday, March 10, 2010

110 degrees

If 56 degrees constitutes 100 degrees... I figure 71 constitutes 110 degrees! Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL! Luckily Daddy worked from home yesterday and was able to get some work done while I played "out in the grass." That's what I say when I want to go outside "I pay in na grass?"
Did I mention I played outside in my underpants? Well, yeah I did because that's what I do these days... I wear my underpants ALL DAY LONG... I even did one day during nap because Daddy forgot to change me into a pull-up. For the record... I haven't peed/pooped (yes pooped... which I can now do drama free on my own) in anything but the potty in weeks! I even wear underpants in public now. In fact I dropped my pants in the lawyer's office yesterday during the closing on our new land... good laughs were had by all. Go on ahead me! Not wearing diapers or pull-ups though does cause a bit of a problem... none of my pants fit me now... hence the hiney butt. However, it has done wonders for my future summer wardrobe... many of my pants still fit me from last summer in the waist. Others that are too short will be rolled up and used as capris! We're so green! :)

I even took the liberty of mowing the snow for Daddy.