Monday, March 22, 2010

Big stuff

Rachel here. We've had some big stuff happening in this house the last couple of days. First... Reese has been completely pull up free/strictly underpants now for 2 days. This includes underpants during nap and bedtime. She's doing AWESOME! If we can just get through this roadtrip this weekend without any accidents, I'll call her completely potty trained! We can officially bid a farewell to the Lightning McQueen underpants and her beloved potty chart.

In the world of Emma Grace there are some big things happening as well! She can officially go from a sitting to a laying down position as well as a laying down to a sitting position. Her chicken mango risotto was devoured in mere seconds leading me to believe she enjoys chicken. Here is our biggest news though... she's perfected her Army crawl! We're getting closer!