Monday, March 15, 2010

Crayola is my BFF

Rachel here. So I'm so in love with Crayola I could be a surrogate mother (this is not meant to offend... thank you) for a lifetime supply of one of their newest products... the window marker. They are so super awesome, and Reese loves them too! :) They are very similar to an oil pastel, and can take a couple of wipe downs to fully remove from your window, but they are SOOOOOO worth it. Reese will literally play with them for hours. I just opened them a couple of days ago, and we are almost in need of a new set. She really really really hearts them.

Even I got in on some of the fun per Reese's request.
Please excuse the pantless child that you are about to watch who may resemble a mad scientist. Fighting to put pants/underpants on the child while we are in the comfort of our own home is a battle I'm just not willing to fight. And I thank you. :)