Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Growing that is! Rachel here. In the last week my wee one has mastered crawling... not just the Army crawl anymore... the REAL DEAL. Emma Grace has also began feeding herself. I've been putting Puffs and Yogurt Melts in front of her for probably a month now... with a whole lot of nothing in return. She would just sit there and smile waiting for me to put a tiny morsel into her mouth for her. Today, I put them down on Reese's art tray, and she had them in her mouth before I could put the lid on the container. :)

On another note... brace yourself... this is good... I found:
Emma Grace Dr. in Jonesborough, TN... 2 hrs 45 min from Blacksburg, AND it was disgustingly close to where we were this past weekend... argh.
Emma Grace Lane. in Rock Hill, SC... 3 hrs 20 min from Blacksburg, AND it happens to have an amazing home for sale... that is the Contemporary Craftsman style I'm looking for!