Monday, March 15, 2010


So Nanna Mary (Pop's mom) got Emma Grace and I Zhu Zhu pets for Christmas. Mommy thought they were absolutely ridiculous, and Uncle Aaron thought we should put them on Ebay... that was until Mommy busted all 4 of them open. :) After playing with them for 3.5 seconds Mommy fell in love and I got my long luscious blonde curls stuck in the wheels. Oy. They were promptly hidden in our garage until I was a bit older and knew the rules of play. Well, because Mommy and Daddy are cleaning things out of the house and organizing, I stumbled upon them this past weekend. I immediately wanted to play with them, and Mommy immediately wanted to vomit. Untangling strands of my hair from dime sized wheels was not how she wanted to spend her weekend. However, Mommy decided to let me have a field day with them. Of course this was after a lengthy conversation on how NOT TO touch the wheels with my little fingers and after putting my hair in the tightest bun known to man. All in all Mommy is super glad she let me play with them again because I'm nothing short of adorable to them.

Without further ado... I'd like to introduce you to my hamsters. This is "Princess."
And here is the ever loyal "Beaver." I named them myself (Rachel here... SERIOUSLY... hysterical!)

I like to let them roam free in the livingroom and sing lullabies to them when it's time for a nap. (I witnessed her singing "say good night... say good night..." in the squeakiest little lullaby voice!!!!)


Heather said...

my little cousin got both of her Zhu Zhu pets stuck in her hair and they had to cut them both out! I think those things need to come with a warning...maybe they already do?