Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm a big girl now...

Rachel here. This last weekend the girls bunked together because of people being in town. It was an experience to say the least... HOWEVER... something good did come of it. Emma Grace was SO EXCITED by the twin mattress that was on her floor for Reese to sleep on, that we decided to go ahead and make her a big girl room. Since it was spur of the moment, we had virtually no budget, so I had to think quickly. Luckily we still had my day bed and the twin mattress... all we needed was bedding. I needed to get something that would coordinate with her current decor and that of Reese's. Eventually our goal is for the girls to share a room... not due to space... but due to us wanting them to be sweet, cute little sisters that are close in age... we'll see how that pans out. :) I got the super cute heart quilt from Target for $20 along with the sheets and birdie pillow. It all matched great with the wall and bird wall art I made years ago.
The little blue house was found at OUAC for $30. Emma Grace is in love with it.... IN LOVE. I was also able to breath some new life into the little table and chairs from my mom and Mike. I painted it super cute for Reese years ago, but the paint peeled off of the top once something sat on it too long. 'Tis the story of my life. I got some SUPER CUTE contact paper from Target and covered it... SO HAPPY WITH IT!We also swiped Reese's dresser from her room. She has one in her closet, so we're not depriving her or anything. :) We had the same issue with the top of the dresser that we did with the little art table, so it got some SUPER CUTE contact paper as well. :)
Look at how small she looks! She's so in love with her new big girl room... and so are we!
Her closet also got a mini makeover. The dresser was removed and some cubbies were put in for her toys. LOVE IT!