Friday, June 3, 2011

Rescue 911

Wednesday I went on my VERY FIRST REAL LIFE FIELD TRIP! It was awesome! We went to the Blacksburg Fire Station downtown... literally 30 steps from our preschool door, but it was still quite the adventure. ;)
That's one of our subs Betsy... what a trooper.STOP DROP AND ROLL! Yeah that's me... I learned all about what to do if I'm ever on fire... I don't move very fast, but I know how to do it. :)

After modeling my awesome stop-drop-and rolling skills, I was given a sticker. SERIOUSLY? I'm pretty sure it was like the gold medal in sd and r... for real. Next stop... a run through of the fire engine. They let us actually go inside! Can you even believe it? We learned all about the different tools that are aboard a fire engine... so awesome! They even let us watch the lights and hear the sirens. The sirens were VERY loud.My very first preschool class ever! :) SO MUCH FUN! :)