Sunday, June 12, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Rachel here. Yesterday was EG's 2nd birthday party. Just take that in for a second. :) We did a rainbow theme, and I'm so pleased with how everything turned out. I found this cute picture of a rainbow online... may have been ETSY. I knew I could get the job done, so I turned it into an adorable invitation... took me FOREVER... but OMG... so worth it.
There was a SERIOUS fear of rain. After the rain shenanigans last year, I knew I needed to be prepared to fit people in the house and keep them occupied. I dyed some rice and threw it into the water table (w/out water of course) and made a rice table. The kids LOVED it, and I now have rice all over my backyard... so it must have been fun. ;)Here's the array of rainbow colored food.
For favors I bought a silicone mold of the alphabet and made the children's names with melted crayons. They were a hit!Poor little Emma Grace... she didn't get a single thing for her birthday. ;)We are so thankful to have amazing friends and family who travel from all corners of the state (and beyond!). Each and every one of them continue to make our girls so happy... and perhaps Bryan and I as well. ;) I can't say thank you enough!
I'd also like to send out a huge shoutie to Mother Nature. It literally stormed all around us, and we didn't get a single drop. :)