Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Rachel here. Blogger is acting all kinds of awful right now... the frustration mounts daily... for real. I upload my pix, and now they are in a different order, and then I can't move them... OY VEY! Okay anyways... now that that's out of the way... "VACATION!" I put that into quotes because seriously... vacations seem more like work with small children. I have to pack for myself/both girls, I have to worry about what they eat, where they sleep, how they act, how to keep them entertained, will we find a potty in time... it's just work. I love them both with all my being, but a nice long vacation with just the husband would be great... maybe in 10 years. :) Until then we will simply "vacation" our summers away... first stop this year was Tidewater. We were there to celebrate the nuptials of a very dear friend of mine, and we turned it into a mini visit who's goal was to feel "not so rushed to see everyone." We started in Suffolk. Luckily we arrived early enough in the afternoon for the girls to enjoy some pool time. Reese LOVED the water. She was hesitant at first, but once she figured out the life jacket would allow her to do everything she wanted to do without sinking... there was no stopping her.
Emma Grace was more of an observer... outside looking in. She did get into the pool but was much happier looking the part and staying dry.
We head back in a few weeks for an mini extended stay while the Mr. is busy earning our bacon... play dates anyone? :)