Friday, June 3, 2011


This week we spent the majority of our time outside playing. Check out our new fairy garden! Mommy transplanted our pots to a quaint little spot under a tree in our backyard. All of the cool wooden branch pieces are from Grandma and Grandaddy's house. Grandaddy chopped a tree down, and we've inherited some of the pieces... more on that later.
Mommy and Daddy got me a mortar and pestal to make fairy concoctions. They are hoping I'll leave the rain gauge alone... muahahaha!

'Tis the season for playing in the water. Mommy made blue ice cubes and little blue fish ice cubes for our water table. Emma Grace loved them, but sadly they melted within a few minutes. :(We also got a new pool! Hurray! Another high light this week was the abundance of strawberries we've been harvesting. We had so many, we decided to make frozen yogurt pops with them. They were scrumptious.

I have 4 DAYS of preschool next week, as it's my last week, so who knows what we'll up to. I know Mommy has tons to get done for Emma Grace's birthday party next weekend, so I can only assume she'll keep the two of us busy with projects. :)