Monday, February 6, 2012

6 months down...

Rachel here. Tomorrow morning I will wake up the newest member of the 3rd trimester club! :) How exciting! I'm up 17 lbs total... and my face looks like it is perhaps carrying all 17 of those. I had my 1 hr glucose test this morning... or at least what I thought was my 1 hr glucose test. Turns out there is now a 2 hr glucose test. My doc ordered this one for me as opposed to the 1 hr, which I've always managed to pass with flying colors. I was none too please to have to sit there an hour longer and get pricked an extra time. NO FUN. I made it though. After reading Andria's post on how magically serene her visit to the doc was minus children, I grabbed a book and anticipated a nice "break" from the insanity that is my family. Turns out the people in the waiting room had other ideas and actually turned out being MUCH MORE insane than my life back home. There was the strange man that read the newspaper and insisted on commenting on each article, out loud, cussing as much as possible. Then there were the two extremely loud and obnoxious middle aged women who thought it was hilarious to comment on every scene showing on "Bathtastic". I think I read MAYBE 10 pages of "Eat, Pray, Love." I was quite eager to get back home to Laverne and Shirley who immediately wanted me to perform for them and make them food. :)

Some interesting things have begun to rear their ugly heads since my last baby update. I went about a week without morning sickness and felt like I was in heaven. Didn't last though... it's back. So that's cool. My meth face has not subsided any. Tiny little hormonal pimples... good times... I actually mentioned I was pregnant early to people so they wouldn't look at my face and think I was on crack. Pathetic. Braxton Hicks contractions are out of control this time. They aren't painful, but occasionally they do take my breath away. I find myself changing my breathing pattern during them, and then I promptly get up to drink an insane amount of water. Baby Boo is also in the punch/kick like a maniac phase, so that's fun. Nothing like a small fist to the cervix to get you going in the morning. Something new I've never experienced is this crazy numbing in my left leg. It just started two days ago and happens if I sit too long. Luckily I've been keeping pretty busy with projects around the house, so it doesn't happen too often.

This coming weekend we finish up some work on the master bathroom and begin tackling the baby's room... so excited to finally get it set up and ready to go! :)


Andria said...

You look great! That is an adorable belly! Nothin' extra there, just a cute little baby!

Rachel said...

you are the best cheerleader ever! :)