Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A taste of Tuesdays

Rachel here. This morning I took the girls to a new paint your own pottery place in our local mall. It's different from other pottery shops in that they don't glaze your piece. They simply spray it with some kind of shiny stuff. Sadly this means no plates or mugs... I was really hoping to have the girls paint me a couple of fancy coffee mugs (PERHAPS MY HUSBAND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THEM DO THAT FOR MOTHER'S DAY... AHEM). This means there are a lot of little figurines in there that we could live without. I did happen to spot large letters though, so I peeled the girls away from the Disney princess statues and got them to agree to painting the first letter of their names. I think they turned out cute, and we had a really nice time out and about. Tuesdays, from now on, are going to be our Field Trip days. We're going to venture out and... well... just venture out because lord knows we could use the fresh air. It's a day to make the effort even if we're just not feeling up to it.

This is what Tuesdays will look like:
700-800 Morning routine
800-900 Puzzles/books/free Montessori time
900-1000 Pre K/K4 at home
1000-1015 Snack
1015-1215 FIELD TRIP DAY/outside/free play
1215-100 Lunch out
100-300 Quiet time EG/K4 Reese/computer Reese
300-315 Snack
315-415 Outside/free play/children's yoga dvd
415-545 Dance class
545-700 TV/Dinner prep/Dinner
700 Bath/bedtime routine

This morning, while the girls ate breakfast... which takes forever and a day, I finished with my lesson planning for next week. Did you know this Friday is Dr. Seuss Day? We're incorporating that into next week's adventures... very excited. Can't wait to share!

Also today I'm 30 weeks... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ME! I head to the doc in the morning, so I'll share whatever I feel the need to share then. Thursday we do our 4D... what a week! :)


Heather said...

ok, wait. So does this mean baby girl's name will start with a B? Or is that for the hubs...:)

Rachel said...

it does in fact begin with a 'b'. :) and it is in no way shape or form reminiscent of the name bryan. :)

Heather said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE B names. Can't wait to find out:)