Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leapin' and Humpin'

Rachel here. Hopefully you caught on that today is Leap Day and also Hump Day... otherwise my title would be all kinds of inappropriate. :) We just got back from the baby doctor... and by "we" I mean EG and myself. We're partners in baby appointment crime. It was as uneventful as usual. I'm up 1 lb from two weeks ago. I was having some random pain in my upper right leg. I thought it was perhaps my sciatic nerve... but I learned that that usually effects the back part of the leg... so that's a no go. It hurt for 2 days and then went away as quickly as it came. There have been all kinds of random pains, swellings, numbness this go round. Such fun. Everything looks great though, and I'm measuring a week small. Next visit... March 15th.
Reese is going through a funk. Or maybe it just feels like it because I'm uber emotional and change moods more than I change the channel on the tv. Last week, while in Iowa, really threw her routine off and that is NEVER good for us. It's been better since she's been back at preschool, but every little thing she does gets to me. At times I feel like I don't get nearly enough sleep to deal with her shenanigans. Hopefully with starting preschool/homeschool again, her little hands and mind will be busy and all will be harmonious again. I also have a girls' weekend getaway next weekend, so hopefully my emotions will be rejuvenated, and I can once again be pleasant. :)
Emma Grace is officially pull up free. She's gone months wearing a pull up just to bed at night with only a couple of accidents. We've now gone about 2ish weeks WITHOUT them at night... just undies, and zero accidents. I'm so proud of her. Potty training has been a breeze with these two... I'm so thankful!

I'll have fun pictures of Baby Boo tomorrow once we get home from our 3D/4D.

And lastly... my Wednesday installment of our new routine:
700-800 Morning routine
800-845 Puzzles/books/free Montessori time
845-915 Preschool drop off
915-1000 Pre K EG
1000-1015 Snack
1015-1100 Pre K EG cont./Computer EG
1100-1215 Outside/free play/Yoga
1215-1245 Preschool pick up
1245-130 Lunch
130-300 Quiet time EG/K4 Reese/computer Reese
300-315 Snack
315-430 SCIENCE DAY/outside/free play
430-530 TV time/dinner prep
530-615 Dinner
615-650 Word Factory
650 Bedtime routine

Enjoy your afternoon! :)