Thursday, February 16, 2012

Doc appt

Rachel here. 28 week update... I had my appointment today, and all was well. My blood pressure was on target, I'm up 19 lbs (which is AWESOME considering I've been living off of a ramen noodles and girl scout cookies), and my glucose test was perfect (apparently standards are moving them towards the 2 hour test as opposed to the 1 hour, so I had nothing to worry about). I was finally able to speak to a doctor about the umbilical cord issue from our big ultrasound at 18 weeks. While I've been back for an appointment since then, it was with a midwife, and she wanted me to make sure I brought it up with the doctor. He looked at the information, and it turns out after a second look by the tech and a doctor, all is right with the world and our little one. Everything was where it was supposed to be, so that's a huge relief. I now start my two week appointments (SAY WHAT?!) and go back on the 29th. We have our big 4d on the 1st of March, which we have to travel for due to them discontinuing it in our area.

Here's what Alphamom (she's pretty hilarious and definitely tells it like it is) says is going on this week with Baby Boo:

Let the two week updates begin!