Monday, February 27, 2012

Back on the wagon

Rachel here. The last few weeks have been totally draining here. My energy level is virtually nonexistent, which means the kids are running a muck. A MUCK I TELL YOU! The only solution is to keep their little hands busy. I'm putting us all on a schedule/routine... you know before it's all blown to hell in two months when Baby B gets here. ;)

So basically here we go... this is what our Mondays will look like from here on out:
700-800 Wake up, breakfast, morning routine... including making beds
800-845 Puzzles/books/free Montessori time
845-915 Preschool drop off
915-1000 Pre K - EG
1000-1015 Snack
1015-1100 Pre K - EG cont./computer EG
1100-1210 Outside/free play
1210-1245 Preschool pick up
1245-130 Lunch
130-300 Quiet time EG/K4 Reese/computer Reese
300-315 Snack
315-430 ART DAY/outside/free play
430-530 TV time/dinner prep
530-615 Dinner
615-650 Yoga
650 Bedtime routine

We'll be using the preschool and K4 curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler supplemented with various materials and other sites. I'll start posting what we're up to in the wonderful world of homeschool preschooling starting next week. Here's to busy children behaving themselves! :)