Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March resolutions

Rachel here. It's time to update how my February resolutions went and share my March ones... extremely exciting... I know. ;)

House: The girl's rooms. Luckily their rooms are always clean, so honestly all I did was go through clothing. Check.
My family/girls: My goal was to complete the Blurb book for my blog. This did not get done. In my defense... I could only get the program to work on Bryan's computer, and with him out of town during the week... you get the picture. That will have to be tacked on to this month's resolutions. FAIL.
Myself: Get more sleep. Ummmm... FAIL.

Moving on to March
House: I'm continuing to declutter and pack things away for the listing come next Spring... market pending of course. We're using the garage to store our bins until it's warm enough for Bryan to work in the attic. So I guess my house resolution will be to start packing away all of our awesome man cave memorabilia from the garage.
Family/girls: Blurb book and scrapbooking. I've already made a HUGE dent in the scrapbooking department the last week. I seriously have 7... yes 7 scrapbooks that need finishing for the girls. Some need pictures, some paper, but most of them just need embellishing, so that should be rather simple to get done by the end of the month... just in time for March's pictures to arrive. :)
Myself: Here's where we get into the real New Years' resolution... lose weight. Last week I started running on the treadmill and eating healthier... I lost about 4 lbs. It's a start. I upped the ante last night though and turned it into a competition between Bryan and I... I figure this is a sure fire way to keep me motivated. I have a lb goal in mind, but whatever happens happens... if I can get into the healthier mentality, I'll be happy. We are, however, bending the rules on the weekends... a girl has got to eat a pizza every now and then. :)


Miranda said...

I LOVE your monthly resolutions and I am totally going to copy you on my blog. Maybe this will help me get off my behind and get my stuff together! Love it :)