Tuesday, September 21, 2010

15 months

Sunday I turned 15 months old. Can you believe it? I'm a beast these days. Mommy DEFINITELY has her hands full with me... forget my sister. We'll start with my stats. I weigh 21 lbs 3 oz. What I don't carry in weight I more than make up for in height. I was a whopping 34 inches. That's off the charts my friends... off the charts. I now have 9 teeth (one of which is a first molar) and another one popping through, so it's been a constant light diaper rash in these parts. She's also wearing mostly 18-24 stuff but can still fit in 12-18 month pants.

My language has really exploded this month. I can say 31/32 words: mama, dada, nigh nigh (night night), bye bye, mommy, daddy, owduh (outside), all duh (all done), baby/baby doll, ball, hi, whasis (what's this?), cheese, kitty, no no, Elmo, Emma, shoe, buh (book), teen (train), dees (strawberries), nigh nigh (blanket/lovie), mac cheese, poo poo (which she says while she's going or right after), nunny (yummy), diaper, airbay (airplane), da da da (dance dance dance), apple, eyes (she'll point to your eyes and say it), and down. Life is much easier when I can say what I need to.
Mommy says I'm super mischievous and into EVERYTHING. The house is CONSTANTLY A WRECK because of sweet little ol' me. :) Digging things out of the kitchen drawers is one of my favorite pastimes. I've come miles and miles with my biting habit. It took a couple good bite backs from Mommy (who was my only victim... I got Reese pretty good a couple times too), but the habit is about 98% gone. When I get overly excited though sometimes I hit. Mommy's next project. For every smack I let fly I give out 10 hugs and kisses though, so Mommy has decided to keep me.
I hate to have my clothing changed, meat, having my hair rinsed in the bathtub, having my hair put up in a ponytail, and when things are taken away from me.
I love to play outside, do anything my sister is doing (even sitting in timeout), and I love to dance. I also love quiet walks on the beach and melodies made famous by Kenny G. :)
In general I'm a pretty good eater. Fruits are BY FAR my favorite thing to eat. I love cereal bars, cheese, most veggies, but am not a huge fan of meat. Mommy attempts to hide it, but I pretty much always find it. :)
I'm an absolute dream if I do say so myself and am learning something new everyday. :)