Thursday, September 9, 2010

VT vs. Boise State

Rachel here. It was a sad sad day in Landover Maryland Monday night when my beloved Hokies lost to those pesky smurfs. ;) To say that we all wanted to cry would be an understatement. We all came to the conclusion that top college football programs will be beating down Frank's door to play us in the season openers. We've lost to numerous teams who have ended up winning the National Championship game... why wouldn't they want to play us. Oy. :) Here are just a few pictures I took during the tailgate and game.

Watch at your own risk. :)

Since this was the first trip away from the girls, the goal was to get a picture of me and B at the game. FAIL. We took this the next day, at the hotel, right before we headed back to the Burg.