Sunday, September 19, 2010

Montessori... Emma Grace Style

Rachel here. On Emma Grace's shelves last week, I placed her basket of library books (also for Reese) and a basket of sponges. She is OBSESSED with these sponges. Cracks me up. I have, however, found small bites taken out of said sponges... so hopefully she'll live.

I also made a red color bag for her out of felt with items inside from around the house. The Mickey square is a laminated paint sample card from Home Depot (Thanks Heather!!!!!). Also included: fabric square, beaded necklace, bear cookie cutter, octopus bath toy, red crayon (thank god for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers), a spool of thread, and a ribbon.
They all fit nicely inside. I'll make a different pouch for each color, and they will be reused for Reese when we start focusing on counting.

EG also dabbled in window crayons. She ate them. It was entertaining.
This girl LOVES her fabric box!!! I need to get more square scraps stat (Grandma P. can you help??????).
Playing with objects in her treasure basket... travel forks and spoons.
Stacking blocks a la Houston. :)
I also busted out the Fall sensory bucket 'o pasta/beans. I snuck in some sparkly Fall leaves I bought at Dollar Tree and a little magnetic scare crow. I'd like to add some acorns and pine cones as well. The girls had a blast, and the living room was a mess. :)
I've got new items on the shelves this week and am in the process of making some more. This is SUPER time consuming at night (the only time I can work on it), but our days are filled with more fun and less timeout, so it's worth it. :)


Andria said...

I LOVE the red pouch! You are a genius. I made color boxes for Soren back in the day, but they were big, unwieldy boxes, and not nearly so cute!

I also love the fabric-scraps-in-a-wipes-box idea. Seriously, your brain is on fire!!

When is this preschool opening to the general public? :)