Friday, September 24, 2010

Emma Grace's Montessori Week

Rachel here. Emma Grace had a busy week. She put popsicle sticks in a water bottle and poured them out. (I found this on various sites.)
Stuck her jumbo letter magnets on anything and everything that was magnetic.

Reese picked these crayons out for Emma Grace from the dollar section at Target. Emma was more interested in making them stand on end than she was actually coloring with them.
I cut a hole in the top of a Puffs container and Emma Grace stuck Jenga pieces through it.
She later took the Jenga pieces and slid them through a paper towel roll.
I also found this task on Chasing Cheerios (at least I think it was that site). Putting objects in and taking them back out of a clear container. She loved it, and there were plastic forks and spoons all over my living room ALL WEEK LONG. :)

While at the pediatrician's office, one of the milestones he asked if EG could do was stacking items like blocks. I remember Reese learning and thinking it was so cool but honestly could not tell him if Emma Grace could do it. I pulled out the girls' pretend canned foods to see what she could do.
She was able to stack three before she Godzilla'd them down. :) On another note... Bryan was thinking about Emma being a whopping 34 inches tall and realized that would put Reese at almost 4 ft tall, which is SO NOT CORRECT. We remeasured her once he got home, and Emma Grace is actually 30 inches tall... now at her 18 month appointment, she'll look like she shrunk. :)
Both girls really enjoyed playing with the sensory bucket. I added the acorns, which really cracked Reese up. She kept pulling the little hats off, and then would say "uh oh"... Emma Grace would then copy her.
Em has been super jealous of Reese and her mad vacuuming skills, so I let her try it out. She doesn't actually vacuum anything up but she LOVES to push it around on the floor.
While Reese was busy with her art projects, Emma dabbled in the arts as well.
She was quite successful at not eating play-doh... HUGE milestone right there.
However... she did eat a marker. ;)
Never a dull moment.