Thursday, September 2, 2010

4 and done

Rachel here. Today I learned that we max out at 4 days of preschool. :) Reese did super great at all her activities, but was missing playing with her baby dolls and watching "her shows." We'll work on preschool Monday through Thursday and then have a fun day out Friday. I think starting our Rec Center classes will help to break up our day even more, so that'll be a big help. Normally taking the girls outside would do wonders, but it's just so hot. We're looking forward to the cool days of Fall.

I took the water pouring activity from yesterday and altered it a bit because Reese loved it, but I didn't want her to get too bored with it. I added the funnel from the pasta/bean bucket.

This activity really cracked me up. I placed the first 4 letters Reese will be learning when it comes time for letter sounds on a cookie sheet... they're magnetic. The bowl is full of the remaining r's, a's, etc. The idea was for her to sort the letters.
She started off great and then lost focus and started sorting them according to color. :) I just read an article yesterday about a teacher beginning to sort letters w/colored magnets and her wondering if the child would want to sort according to color, so I had to laugh. I guess I'll have to Cricut letters of the same color in order for her to sort according to "shape". Too many distracting differences is NOT the Montessori way, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.
This is a toy I got at OUAC. It was missing a few of the structural pieces, but all the Little People animals were there, so I bought it. We've had it now for about a year, and I was just thinking of selling it back when I thought it would be a great matching activity for Montessori.
Each animal has a letter on it's body (one that begins it's name), and you place the animals on the matching letter. It then says the letter name and sound.

It worked well, so I think we'll keep it. :)
This is from Reese's M&D tool box from an earlier activity this week. I decided to take out the screws and have Reese match the colors. She hated it. :)

We ended a little early this morning, so Reese could just be an almost 3 year old. :)
But then I remembered we never made our chocolate chip muffins from Monday, so Reese helped me. They are super yummy.

I also solved the "I like this milk game so much that I scream when all the cookies are in the jug, and you don't empty it for me fast enough to do it again" problem we were having. I added Reese's pretend money to the mix. I've now bought myself 1 minute of time as opposed to 5 seconds. :)
Tomorrow, weather permitting, we head to the zoo. :)