Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week in Review... the Reese Version

Rachel here. We're officially underway with letter sounds. I hoped to have gotten through /r/, /a/, and /m/ this week, but we were all beyond sick, so /m/ will get done this coming week. While trying to figure out how to teach Reese her sounds, and the shapes the letters make, I knew I wanted a set of sandpaper letters. They are literally letters that are rough like sandpaper, so Reese can feel the shape of the letter. They are pretty pricey, so I figured I'd take a stab at making them myself. Some card stock from Wal-mart, sandpaper from Dollar Tree, and a font I found online, and here are the first two letters. Reese LOVES them. She's doing fairly well with the sounds, except that she tries to start every word with one of these sounds. Yesterday she was saying "ruh, ruh, hokiebird." We've got a long way to go. :)
Reese loves artwork, but she HATES to color. Instead of coloring our robot for the /r/ sounds, I had Reese glue tin foil on to him. He turned out super cute.

I also wanted to see if she could recognize the letter "r" mixed in with others, so I gave her a letter "r" word search. She used the bingo blotter to find them all and did a super job. This will be an activity we do with each letter.
I also wanted to make sure Reese had her own little /r/ sound book. I printed off 7 "r" word pictures along with a picture of herself to compile. I'd love to be able to find pictures of people in her life in hopes she can make a better association.
No my picture is not upside down; Reese is just that great of a gluer. ;)
Here is her /r/ section of her work space. There was supposed to be some rainbow activities to add, but if you'll remember she boycotted.
Her /a/ basket. For the record I totally failed on the /a/ basket because we only focused on the short /a/ sound and not the long, but the basket had both. I'm now trying to figure out how to work the long sound in without totally confusing her. :/
I noticed from her /r/ book that I only noted "R" on the cover and not "r", so I made sure to fix it this go round.
I decided to try a cutting activity with her this week. Heaven help me. Scissors and children scare me. I found these adorable scissors at Michael's... they cut for righties and lefties. She switched back and forth, and I thought she was going to cut her fingers off, but we both survived.

She filled her little container for an art project the following day.
She put together an apple collage. It was ADORABLE, and she did it ALL BY HERSELF!

As an extra project (and to get more apple seeds to glue on her /a/ sheet for her wall), she did some apple prints.
The /a/ sheet has apple seeds glued to it along with the apple prints, which also have pipe cleaner leaves. SO SWEET.
For one of her practical life activities, I introduced the suction cup mat and marble transfer. Like this the activity was a fail. I took the tongs away, and she enjoyed it MUCH more.

I also set up her window washing activity. Equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle, a squeegee and cloth and voila. Except Reese isn't coordinated enough for all that, so she settled on the spray bottle and paper towels. :) Emma Grace thought this was awesome as well. We're definitely not at the age yet where I can just have this activity out at free will though because she went through the entire cup of mixture in 3.5 seconds. :)
On her shelves. Play doh + buttons + /r/ and /a/ cookie cutters = FUN.
M&D Clock puzzle.

Right and left apple bingo blotter activity... say that five times fast.
I found some cute little puzzle activities to use as fillers. Right before bedtime the other night she was marathon puzzle doing. This was a matching activity with watermelon seeds.
With this activity we sorted green and red apples. I also wrote #'s in the apples, and Reese had to put that many apples in each. She did great until we got to 3... then she decided that she "wanted a diffint preschool." :)
I had a few more activities out that Reese never got to/wasn't interested in, so we'll save those for when she does. I also found a bunch of great activities to try with her this week and in the future. We are having SO much fun, and I feel like she's really learning. :)