Friday, March 4, 2011

20 months

Rachel here. So sweet girl turned 20 months February 19th, and I'm just getting around to posting about it. The motivation in these parts is SERIOUSLY lacking. I'm blaming the weather. ;) Back to Emma Grace. I'm constantly FLOORED at what this kid can do and say. Unsure of how much she's weighing in at these days as we don't have her appointment until she officially turns 2. YES I SAID 2! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?! As far as I'm concerned, I just had this little thing yesterday... or maybe it was almost 2 years ago. And of course I'm already working on birthday ideas and themes. SICK.

What can our butter bean do? What can't she do really. She learns SO MUCH from her big sister, and that's so awesome to us. She can officially go up and down the stairs by herself... has been for a while now. Bryan hates to see her try... she's taken quite a few falls, but I love to see her trying to be a big girl. She's able to takes shirts off and put pants/socks/shoes on by herself. EG has quite the fashion sense and will tell me if the outfit I've picked out for her is cute or not. She also likes to look at clothing at stores to tell me what she likes. She's quite the ham. She talks SO MUCH WE CAN'T TAKE IT! There isn't a day that goes by that she's not saying something new. I remember Reese speaking all the time, but not this much. Emma Grace is already saying complete sentences. Ones we hear often are "I want that one." and "Help me Mommy please." :) Emma Grace can also use "please, thank you, you're welcome," and "excuse me" correctly. She loves to sing. I'm constantly hearing her sing her "ABC song" (she can get a few chunks of letters that are clear as day too!) and "Twinkle Twinkle" (she knows the whole thing). While counting she can say "8,9,10". As far as shapes and colors... she knows circle, star, heart, yellow, blue, green, and orange. When learning a new color everything is that new color. She learns orange, and everything is orange. She learns green, and everything is green... even if it's something she knows... like orange. But then she'll randomly see something and tell me the correct color. Reese did the same thing... VERY INTERESTING. She's eating much better these days. More veggies (if there is ketchup to dip) and chicken have made quite a few appearances and disappearances. Thank goodness... I was afraid she was going to be a vegetarian. :)Potty update... there isn't one. :) She wants to sit on the potty ALL THE TIME but isn't much interested in actually going in it. She's gone a grand total of ONCE since I posted about her getting her sticker. Emma Grace is quite in love with the potty, which is WAY further than we were with Reese at this point... and she trained very quickly once she was ready, so we're feeling very optimistic. We're also working on timeout with Emma Grace. It's going GREAT! Well, minus the fact that we've had to use timeout. She AUTOMATICALLY goes in for hitting, biting (it's reared it's ugly head again... not nearly as often as when she was a baby, but she did take a chunk out of my thigh at Art Class the other day), and pulling Reese's hair. They'll be so fun when they're teenagers. ;) She must stay there for 1 minute, and has finally gotten the hang of actually STAYING THERE FOR 1 MINUTE. She used to try to crawl out VERY quietly and slowly saying in a whisper "I'm coming... I'm coming Mommy." I couldn't help but giggle. Emma Grace is super sweet and beyond adorable, so we've decided she can stay... at least until she's 3. :)