Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mama went shoppin'

Rachel here. So Sundays are turning into the day where I can get the most done. Bryan was such as awesome help today and played with the girls, so I could get some chores/errands done. I got some much needed cleaning crossed off my list, but I wanted to start acquiring some of the great activities I found on Pink and Green Mama's site. She has some really great sensory boxes. I "stole" each of these from her, and I'm so glad I did because they were so much fun to put together, and I just know the girls will love playing with them.

The first box is a winter scene. I bought the bin, oatmeal, and the mini snowflakes. Everything else we had, so this was a steal and perfect for snow days.
Look at how fun this one is! I bought the bin, aquarium rocks, aquarium plants and just about all the little trinkets. We had the two mermaids... so it's probably safe to say this was the most expensive bin, but just look at how cute it is!

This is the "under construction" bin. I had to buy the bin, rocks, and the trucks... I did find a couple construction vehicles mixed in with our train set, but at $5... I just had to get the CAT set. Reese spotted this one and about died, so I know it'll be one of her favorites.This fairy garden is a work in progress. I bought the bin, grass, birds, butterflies, ladybugs, and the wooden pieces to make the gnomes and fairies. I'd like to be able to make some cute little mushrooms and some kind of little house for the fairies.The gnome hats were a total pain, but I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Reese picked all the colors for the wooden people, which really made her smile.
After painting wings on the fairies, I just didn't think they popped enough. They didn't really look like fairies, so I hot glued some tulle onto their backs and think they are just adorable.
And lastly, my two little baristas can practice making Mama some coffee! I had about 2/3 of an old can in the pantry. It was Kroger brand. My brother got super peeved at me for using it in his coffee pot. I believe he referred to it as motor oil... or maybe it was sludge. Either way... the girls will have a blast, and the kitchen will smell yummy too. I had all the other items except for the little teapot, which is part of a porcelain set I bought for Reese to practice with her pouring. She'll be spending another day at home tomorrow because her temperature is still on the fritz, so we should have plenty to keep her busy.


Meredith said...

I absolutely love these!!

Andria said...

So clever!! Love the construction & fairies ones!

Hope Reese is feeling better & Emma Grace has stayed healthy.