Monday, March 28, 2011

And so it begins...

... the rest of my life. Rachel here. I'm 30. Today... March 28th... I turned 30. DO WHAT?! I have a mixture of feelings. Honest to god I feel like I just graduated high school. And then I'm reminded "just" is not synonymous with 12 years ago. Oy. Then there is college... wasn't that just yesterday? Nope... that was a wedding and 2 children ago. I'm not sure what I thought 30 would be like. Do I go out and buy wrinkle cream now? Is it time to start dying my hair to cover the grey? Do I contemplate tattooing myself to feel younger? Maybe a nice hangover is in the works. Or maybe I'll just continue to live my life... with my loving husband and adorable girls. Life goes on I suppose. While we are going out for a happy birthday Mommy dinner tonight, we celebrated last night with cake and singing... you know... while I was still 29. :)