Friday, March 4, 2011

Routines vs. Schedules

Rachel here. When I was teaching, schedules ruled my life. I needed to make sure I was at the right place at the right time ALL DAY LONG. I thought for sure I was set up for life... until I had kids of my own. The girls do have certain places they need to be at certain times, but in general... we're routine people these days. As the girls get more and more independent, our routine changes. And there are some serious routine changes that need to go on over here. There are tons of things that aren't getting done, and I know there is time for them, but the issue is looking for that time. AKA... quit watching "The Real Housewives of... insert city here..." and "Game Day." I guess I'm looking for a happy mixture of routine and schedule.

Right now this is a typical week... the scheduled part at least... which changes as we sign up for new classes and finish old ones...

Monday - Wake up around 7, go down for breakfast, get ready for the day.
Reese Montessori
EG Music Class
Lunch (differs on Mont. days and regular days)
Nap following lunch (2-3ish hours)Check Spelling
Bath time (nights before school the girls get shampoo'd, other nights it's just splash around time)
Family Movietime/quiet toys (only tv the girls watch unless there is extra time in the morning before school... or it's the weekend)
Bedtime (potty, brush teeth, choose clothes for tomorrow, story, pillow talk, music, hugs and kisses) 730

Tuesday - No Mont. Art Class
Wednesday - Reese Mont
EG Bouncy Class
Thursday - No Mont.
Morning Playdate
Friday - Reese Mont

LOTS of open spots to fill with awesome things to do with my girls and spots to get chores done. Now to get the motivation and "scheduled routine" in place. :)