Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pink Princess Castle

Rachel here. I can't tell you how long Reese has been asking us for a pink princess castle. What kind of pink princess castle? Who knows. Where did she see said pink princess castle? Beats me. I told her that we were in fact not going to buy her a pink princess castle, but maybe her daddy would make her one if she was really really really good. I figured we were in the clear. Then I looked at Pink and Green Mama's blog today, and wouldn't you know she had a homemade Rapunzel castle as her latest entry. It was GORGEOUS, and I knew I couldn't make mine as fabulous as hers, but I was sure going to try. Besides this was a sign, and I knew we had to get it done or we would never hear the end of it.
The goal... turn this into a BEAUTIFUL pink princess castle for two creative little girls.

I think we did it! It took me about 2 hours during nap time (Reese supervised) and about 4 this evening (after the girls went to bed). My back is killing me, my fingertips are burned, and I'm pretty sure I'll have to listen to them fight over it all day tomorrow. BUT... I think it turned out great, and the girls are going to love it. And did I mention we already had all the materials except for the fake flowers?! I sent Bryan to The Dollar Tree around 830 to pick them up... we're talking $3 people!
It even has a braided hair rope to throw out of the window. SERIOUSLY?! I could die.
I think Reese is going to love it. :)


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Oh MY GOSH!!! It's so STINKIN Cute!!! I love it and thank you for letting me know you made one too, this is so cute I have to share it with my facebook friends : )

pink and green mama,

Andria said...

That is beautiful!!!!! HOW FUN!

I am never, ever going to look at this "Pink and Green Mama" blog because I would probably want to kill myself. :) I'll just sit back and enjoy watching what you make from it!!