Friday, March 4, 2011

Dr. Jekyll... Mr. Hyde...

Rachel here. Reese has been doing WONDERFULLY! She's always been a real delight to us, but we hit a huge brick wall with her when it came to the "shoot me in the face" 3's. She's continued to respond really well to different strategies I've been using with her, and it's amazing how much she's changed. Of course I had to change a lot of things about myself in order to get her to respond the way I wanted her to. There is absolutely no more yelling in our house. We've all gotten really good about sharing our feelings and using our words rather than getting frustrated. I continue to repeat Reese's feelings back to her resulting in temper tantrums being squashed before they can even get started. IT'S AMAZING! Things around here are just so much more pleasant. Bryan and I BOTH tuck Reese in at night now. We used to take turns and found she was being AWESOME when I would tuck her in, and was acting less than stellar with Bryan. With him being in and out of town, there was just way too much that wasn't consistent, so there were changes that needed to be made in that department as well. Pillow talk has been going really great too. After we read Reese her nigh time story, we each talk about 3 great things that happened to us during the day. I think this might be Reese's favorite thing during the entire day. We're still working with her on her stranger anxiety. She just gets very worked up if she's surrounded by too many people she doesn't know... especially if they are "in her space" or approach her. The playground can sometimes be a nightmare. It's definitely something that may take a while to figure out.

Reese continues to love Montessori, and we couldn't be happier. I'm both looking forward to the summer because of the weather, but I'm also dreading it because she'll be with me in the mornings as opposed to at school. I'm already pulling resources and activities to keep her interested, having fun, and busy learning this summer. I know one thing for sure... we will be living outside. :)In other Reese news. The poor girl is sick. She has that weird virus where the only symptom is a spiking fever that comes and goes... for days. So far she's topped out at 102.9 and we've been on this roller coaster ride since Wednesday night. There are absolutely no other symptoms. THANK GOD BECAUSE VOMIT DRIVES ME BONKERS. We can tell when the fever is getting ready to rear it's ugly head, however, because she tells us she's "so cold I'm shaking", and she gets super grumpy. Hopefully we'll be done with it soon! Her teacher mentioned that others in her class have battled it for up to a week. :( Let's hope Emma Grace doesn't get it!