Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Boo's new digs

Rachel here. Baby Boo's room is almostsuperclosetobeing finished! :) This past weekend Bryan repainted the ceiling and the khaki walls, while I worked on the decor. The furniture is all from Reese and Emma Grace's baby days, but all the decor is new/handmade.I scrapbook papered her letter with paper I already had, and I think the letter was like $2.I saw this super easy/cute idea on Pinterest. Paint canvases (7 pk for $20ish at Michael's), find an image online and cut out, stencil onto scrapbook paper (which I already had), and glue. VOILA! These pieces are flanking the baby's window.This bedding was what we bought for Reese once we moved her to her big girl room and her new crib was converted to the toddler bed. She didn't use it for very long, as the toddler bed was a nightmare. We converted it to a full soon after. When we found out Baby Boo would be another girl, we decided to go ahead and sell the bedding both Reese and Emma Grace used and opt to use our barely used butterfly set.
Butterflies from Target.For both Reese and EG we had letters for their names in these dots. We decided to change it up for Baby Boo and put the letters for DREAM. Unfortunately I'm having a hell of a time finding a D and R from Michael's, so that's currently a work in progress. :)Now all we need are the few little personalized finishing touches and a baby. :)


Andria said...

Holy cow, it's beautiful! So personalized and sweet. Although I am freaking out a little now because we have done NOTHING on our baby's room. Nothing ! Nothing! You've inspired/terrified me -- a good combination. :)