Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 months old

Well, hello people! Today I am the big 5! 5 months old that is!
What am I doing at 5 months? Well... NOT ROLLING... I'll tell you that much. I have rolled ONCE, but now we're for certain that was a fluke. I may be more like my sister than anyone is willing to admit. :) Speaking of my sister. She makes me smile... A LOT. She shares her toys with me, gives me my paci when I need it, and loves to "help" feed me "baby cereal." She's a keeper.

I'm still breastfeeding, and I WILL TAKE AN OCCASIONAL BOTTLE. HALLELUJAH! In fact I have one at the start of everyday, so Mommy can pump. She's a real trooper that Mommy. I'm eating about 6-7 times a day (about every 2 hours), and I even get a big bowl of cereal before bedtime. Mommy was giving me two bowls there for about a week, but then I started to fuss during one of them, so she cut me back to once. We'll start trying some oatmeal next! Yeehaw! I can't wait for those fruits and veggies though... Reese says they were uber good! :)

When it comes to sleeping... for about 3ish weeks now I've been sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT... HOLLER! Mommy puts me to bed between 6-7ish and I'm good to go until about 7 am. Occasionally I will try to wake up and party around 4 am, but am able to put myself back to sleep. It's on a rare occasion that Mommy or Daddy will have to come in and give me my paci. Mommy refuses to feed me after I go to bed for the night, so I usually am up to cooperating, so 7 am will come sooner. :) I'm also taking about two 30-60 minute naps and one 2 hour naps each day.
For the record... isn't my outfit TO DIE FOR?! My sister has one JUST LIKE IT! Mommy had quite the time taking photos this go 'round because all I wanted to do was admire my skirt and then throw up on myself... these are the days we'll remember forever. :)


Andria said...

I am so happy for you that Emma Grace is sleeping through the night! That is wonderful! It took Soren a year.....A YEAR!