Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Uhhhh.... that voice

Rachel here. It seems like Reese is changing so much every single day. I have some cute photos to share as we get closer to the drama that is potty training, but I'm just too pooped to upload and edit them, so I'll have to just leave you with this video. Granted it's an uber boring video of Reese and I doing her flashcards, which she LOVES to no end. You'll also see in the background the mess that is my home, but I'm not Mrs. Cleaver so deal with it. :) I'm posting this because Reese has the sweetest little squeaky voice I've ever heard, and I'm falling in love with it the more she learns to say. She's very much into having complete conversations with herself these days, so before just about every word she says she asks her self "what's that?"


Heather said...

too cute!!! She is such a mini-Rachel...adorable!