Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Big girl bed... the finale

Rachel here. There isn't too much new around these parts. Emma Grace and I went to Newport News for the weekend with Laura and Aly to visit Angie and HAD A BLAST! We ate, drank (VERY LITTLE), and shopped... it was so nice just to visit! Meanwhile here on the homefront Daddy and Reese were putting the finishing touches on Reese's big girl bed. A few weeks ago we completely took her out of her crib, put a twin mattress on the floor and wedged it between a wall and her crib (to keep her from hitting the floor). She LOVED it! She was more than proud of her "big girl bed." I then ordered the side rails to convert her crib into the full sized bed (we completely skipped over the toddler bed piece because she was kicking the sides and would have done the same in the toddler bed), Bryan picked up the full sized mattresses, and I agonized over the bedding. I wanted a quilt that wasn't trendy or too girly... something that could grow with her and we wouldn't need to replace once she grew out of it at age 5. I found an AMAZING deal at JCPenney... more than 50% off of a beautiful quilt, 2 shams, and bed skirt. Reese now has a bedroom that is completely put together... but she may be a little scared of her big girl bed now. Apparently she loved it until Bryan put the rails on it, so she wouldn't roll out... not pictured below. She's getting used to it, and we couldn't be happier with how it all turned out!

I originally wanted the owl/tree bedding from Pottery Barn, but seriously who has $189 dollars just laying around for a quilt that your kid would probably hate once they turned 7? I did, however, splurge on the $18 owl pillow from Target. :)


Heather said...

the room turned out great!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! It looks awesome :).

Andria said...

What a pretty room! It's so big, too! I love the fun colors, and the owl pillow was definitely worth it.