Sunday, November 29, 2009

Potty update

Since Mommy set up my "potty corner" in the downstairs bathroom, I've successfully peepoo'd on the potty 4 times! Yes, I see that there are in fact 5 stickers, but one of them comes with a disclaimer. Daddy saw me doing my more intimate business in my diaper and attempted to get the diaper off of me and me onto the potty in a timely manner. While he put me on the potty a small piece of my business happened to fall into the potty. In theory I peepoo'd in the potty on a technicality. :) Mommy and Daddy ask me each day if I want to sit on the potty... some days I do and some days I don't. Today I managed to peepoo on the potty in under an hour... the first time ever! We're still working on getting the timing just right for a quick result. The best time would definitely be first thing in the morning, but frankly Mommy doesn't want to start the day off with me screaming my head off...