Saturday, November 28, 2009


Rachel here. The holidays have always been a lovely time to visit with family DO NOT GET ME WRONG, but having family scattered about within 6ish hours of each other can be VERY stressful for visits. Before kids, Bryan and I would rotate Thanksgiving between our families and then when it came time for Christmas... Christmas Eve was with his parents, then we'd drive to Tidewater for Christmas Day with my Mom and then the following day was Christmas with my Dad. It was completely doable back then, but now priorities have changed... and rightfully so. Our girls come first, and sometimes nice and quiet holidays together with just the four of us are nice too. Originally the plan was to do just that... have a nice quiet Thanksgiving with our small family of four. That changed when we found out it was Bryan's Nana's (Nana... two long a's... like in cat... not to be confused with Nana like in "banana"... my Mom.. now we can all sleep more soundly tonight) 80th birthday... witch is today actually... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA! We ventured on out to the RR for a mini bday party on Thanksgiving Day and had a really lovely time.
Here's the sweet cake Bryan's mom made for Nana's "31st birthday." :)

Great photos of Nana with her great-grandgirls.

4 generations.
Thanks for the great day Pattison/Buchanan clan. :)