Monday, August 23, 2010

14 months

The same day Reese went in for her surgery, I turned 14 months old! :) Apparently we're already all about one upping each other.
I'm just the sweetest little doll you'll ever meet... except the whole biting thing. If Mommy (and it's pretty much just Mommy... and occasionally Reese) takes something from me I'll take a big hunk out of whatever body part of hers is closest to me. She's started biting me back though, which is anything but entertaining, so we're hoping to put this phase far behind us. I'm always smiling and will laugh at just about anything. I'm EXTREMELY mischievous. If you don't want me near it, I've got it in my mouth and running the opposite way before you can blink.

I have 7 teeth now of which I can pretend to eat my food with... and one on the way in. Throwing food is one of my favorite past times these days. If I don't want to eat it, I don't... instead it ends up on the floor. Mommy and Daddy usually pick it right back up and put it right back on my plate. Doesn't mean I have to eat it though... so there. ;)
I love love love anything that has to do with my sister. I don't want to play with my baby toys... I wanna play with hers. I don't want to drink from my sippy cup... I want to drink from hers. I don't want to wear my own clothing... I want to wear hers... hence the picture of me in her underpants. At least they are actually on the correct body part here and not on my head... like they usually are. I wanna be where she is doing what she's doing. Don't look too closely but we're both covered in bruises. I'm starting to pick up on the fact that just because I want to be on top of her doesn't mean she wants me on top of her. :)
My language is coming along nicely. I can say 12 words (at least that Mommy can remember): mama, dada, hi, bye bye, nigh nigh (night night), all duh (all done), owduh (outside), mommy, daddy, whasis (what's this?), baby, and my favorite word ball. I call everybody Daddy, Daddy is Daddy, Mommy is sometimes Mommy... but mostly Daddy, and poor Reese is Daddy. Even Jennifer the lovely clerk at the Wal-mart this evening was Daddy.

My favorite thing is playing with my babies, and my least favorite thing is getting my face wiped after dinner.
Next month is the big weigh in and shots. EGADS!