Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Jackson turned 3 this weekend, and we were blessed enough to be invited to the soiree. Auntie Mere is the party planning extraordinaire... for reals. Look at all these amazeballs things that she made!

Mommy says she loves that Jack's bday parties are before mine because she gets great ideas. :) The party was at a local farm. There were quite a few things for us to do. Exploring the premises happened to be one of our favorites.

There were really cute animals too... we got to go on a little tour.

The birthday boy himself!

We ALSO got to go on a hayride! That was Mommy's favorite.
The cupcakes were super duper scrumptious. Daddy had two. :)

Happy 3rd year of life Jackson! Looks like I'm next!!!