Monday, August 23, 2010

Preschool Musical

Rachel here. So today Reese and I had our first run through of her preschool schedule. Within the first 5 minutes of the day, I knew I would be making some changes. Our first "real" day is next Monday but the rest of this week I'll be doing little mini themes with her throughout the day. I'll post the logistics of it all come next week. Until then, here are some of the activities we did today. We started the morning making homemade playdoh. Reese was super into the mixing portion... but not so much the play portion.
We then had some coloring time. Here is where I learned (not really learned... more confirmed) she doesn't like to color for more than 2.3 seconds.

Painting is DEFINITELY more her thing. Painting this little pirate mask kept her busy for a good 30 minutes. She seems to be super excited when it comes to art. I went back to some of the skills I planned for next week and made sure the activities had to do with something artsy. Why do I feel like our house is going to look like a pop art museum? (One of the few reasons we've decided to wait on listing the house for another year... that's an entirely different post on an entirely different blog though.)
The finished ma tee. :)
I have a portion in our daily schedule for letter/number practice. These magnets are apparently so last week because last week when she played with them, I was the coolest mom known to man. But this week... not cutting it.
I have a couple of "outside" portions built in to the schedule as well, which I'm sure we'll be missing when there is 3 feet of snow on the ground this winter.
She decided to request our play doh later in the day during free play. By this time it was much stickier, and she was much more adventurous with it.

Something fun Reese is into right now: puzzles... she LOVES LOVES LOVES puzzles! We've gotten a few large Melissa and Doug puzzles for her, and she constantly wants to do them. They are going to be super popular when it comes to some of the preschool activities I have planned.


Miranda said...

I love this! I used to be SO good at doing this with Miller until Ellie started taking fewer and shorter naps. I can't wait to see your ideas!